On the Corner Vol. 12 Issue 1, Q1 2018

Haertling and Wagener, architects who shaped Boulder, both buried at Green Mountain Cemetery

By Carol Taylor

A stroll through Green Mountain Cemetery is a contemplation on the many personalities in history who contributed to Boulder. Standing out are two innovators, Charles Haertling and Hobart Wagener, architects who shaped Boulder’s built environment and created an inventory of striking mid-century modern structures.

Both men were born in the 1920s, both had Midwestern roots, both served in the U.S. Navy and both moved to Boulder in the 1950s. In addition, they both worked for Boulder architect James Hunter before starting their own practices.

Each architect left an impressive body of award-winning designs, many of which are now city landmarks, including residences, churches and public buildings. All the while they both raised families and served the community in civic and philanthropic organizations… READ THE NEWSLETTER