Boulder County Buzz - January 2016

It’s a little hard to believe that 2017 has already arrived! My ears are still ringing from the NYE celebration with friends at the 1st Bank Events Center. But alas, 2016 is in the in the rearview; I’ll take some of her with me, and I’ll leave some of her behind. Overall a pretty darn good year, I’d say. I worked hard and I played some too. I had a successful year in the biz and I worked with some great new clients, whom I now call friends. With friends and family we hit the road and visited some cool parts of Colorado and the country. I did less fishing and more Phishing. My son Ethan, 14, is now as tall as me and my daughter Phoebe, 12, is as silly. Kristin is an amazing life partner. And together we keep this crew on an even keel, mostly. I don’t think a day goes by when I’m not grateful for what I have. For more click here