On the Corner Vol. 10 Issue 2, Q2 2016

Creating Community, 25 year residents of the neighborhood recall how they landed in the LC

By Jon Hatch

Young Wes LeMasurier gripped the thick cable rails built into the granite stone
face, he looked down past the sheer edge of Half Dome with a rush of adrenaline, 
and it was good.The air was cool on his sweat. The large, round-shaped rock in
Yosemite National Park exposed him to the wonderful elements of nature. The best
part of this adventure was that he didn’t embrace the adventure alone, but shared
the moment with his friend Heather, with whom he had a new relationship. They got
to the top, brewed some tea, then took a nap and after that they descended to the
valley floor. The hike up the side of the famed Half Dome would be just of one of
many adventures the couple would take together, for years to come... READ THE NEWSLETTER