Boulder County Buzz - July 2019

The hottest part of the year is here in Boulder County, finally. We asked for summer — we got it! The Boulder Creek is now about three times higher than it was at this time last year. In fact, the city needed to push back tube-to-work day by a couple weeks to let the high run-off subside for tuber safety. Suffice it to say we didn’t tube for my daughter Phoebe’s 15th birthday this year. While my business is off-the-hook-awesome right now, the market in general is straightening out. It’s no longer an all-in a seller’s market across the board. It’s a more neutral market. Inventory was up 35% in the City of Boulder for houses last month, and sales slid 26.3% year over year. I have listings that sell in a weekend and some that have taken more than a month to find a buyer. It’s back to basics; location, condition, timing, competition and thus pricing. But I appreciate the balance and so do my buyers. For me it’s about managing my buyer's and seller's expectations and preparing for this market, not the market of the past.

If you're still looking to buy, or thinking of selling, check out the article below from Forbes about trends in the national housing market thus far in 2019. We also have a beginner's guide from 5280 Magazine all about turning your house into a "Smart-Home” and then also an article about how the Boulder County real estate market is leading people to consider towns outside of Boulder proper.

Please connect with me anytime to discuss your real estate goals for the second half of 2019 and for market conditions here in Boulder County specifically! I’m easy to reach.

Come fly with me to a new featured property this month at 2132 Pine Street in Boulder, Colorado. A beautiful home for the buyer who’s tired of worn out, beat up, janky homes but wants a 102 year old home with old school charm and graced with all modern amenities, situated in downtown Boulder, Colorado. This is the one!

And finally, this month I’m featuring another non-profit program, Mother House of Boulder County. "Started in 1982, Mother House has provided at-risk mothers and their babies with a nurturing, supportive, and empowering residential community. We give women the support and resources they need to walk out of our doors more prepared for success than when they came in. It’s our way of enabling our mothers to thrive, so their children will too." Please see how important this program is and consider giving today!

Thank you again for your business and for referring business. See you on the corner,