Boulder County Buzz - April 2019

Springtime in the Rocky Mountains!!!! The snow has all but melted off the Boulder Flatirons (for now) and in my yard at the Red Door Ranch the crocus are flowering, the leaf buds are pushing out and spring tunes from songbirds fill the morning air! And ahhhh, the sunsets most evenings are remarkable.

As the weather finally begins to warm, so does our local real estate market. Inventory is on the rise as more sellers are putting their homes on the market for spring/summer 2019. If you're a buyer, this is a great time to shop. The market seems a little more balanced and if you're putting your home on the market this year (or next!) check out the articles I've included below about anticipating returns on home renovations and landscaping projects. Want to talk about local market trends or start shopping for a new property? Please give me a call when you're ready to chat! Read more