Boulder County Buzz - March 2019

It’s March and spring has sprung, NOT! But some of us are celebrating the fantastic winter we've been so fortunate to receive the past month. The long cold spell we’ve had has come with snow too. And lots of it, especially in the high country. Remember last year when the ski resorts had to MAKE SNOW? Not so much this year. I read that Summit County has almost 8’ of snow this year already. BOOM! But I don’t ski much anymore, so why is this exciting? Because this snowmelt will fill our rivers and streams with water and deliver good trout fishing to anglers all spring, summer and fall. That makes me happy! 

Temperatures remain brisk, but the sun is shining longer, brighter, and warmer here in Boulder County! As everyone starts to emerge from their winter hibernation, it's the perfect time to consider listing your home before summer inventory starts to fly. Buyers are marching into the landscape, eager to purchase. Please stay tuned for my new spring listings. There are some good ones coming soon. So let the wild rumpus start! Read more