On the Corner Vol. 12 Issue 4, Q4 2019

I was recently rummaging through old interview notes for On the Corner newsletters and I found some pretty neat history published in OtC the past 13 years. Seeing the stack of hundreds of copies of past newsletters, it reminded me what a wonderful neighborhood of people in the LC. I’m not sure there is a

more rich neighborhood in Boulder. But while looking through these old files I came across some interesting items and one was this article written by a neighbor who did not print his/her name. It offers a great perspective on this area in the neighborhood from 27 years ago. So I have no idea who shared this with

me or where it came from. Please read it and let me know if you know, or if you have a guess. Or maybe it’s you! Thank you and enjoy, JON HATCH

“The Neighborhood”

By Anonymous, 1992

This was a neighborhood of young families in those days. Its history, however, went back to the early years of the century. In 1904, David Dobbins bought 179 acres from the county and two years later subdivided it into Floral Park and Interurban Park. Floral Park included the blocks between 15th and 20th Streets from Baseline Road to Bluebell Avenue. Interurban Park contained the blocks between Bluebell and Chautauqua (now King) Avenues from 15th to 20th as well as all of the land east of Floral Park to what is now South Broadway. Dobbins' intent in making the original purchase was to find ground suitable for a perpetual care cemetery. He was instrumental in organizing the Boulder CemeteryAssociation, supervised the laying out of roads and of cemetery plots (in what is now Green Mountain Cemetery), but after about two years sold his interest in the Association. Read more