Boulder County Buzz - July 2016

It’s mid July, and Oh My, summer is cruising by. Life goes by so fast this time of year with so much happening all these long days. Between kid’s sports, outdoor recreating, awesome backyard time and staying plugged in hard at work, it’s no wonder the days blend into one another. But I don’t take any of it for granted. I love it! I just got off the river with my son Ethan and his cousin from Vermont. We had such a good time and we all got burned in the sizzling sunshine. But it felt good. I hope your summer has been great, too.

This month’s Buzz has summer stats and interesting information about the potential future of Boulder County. Enjoy the articles, and as always, please contact me anytime to discuss any aspect of real estate in your neck of the woods. And thank you all for your frequent referrals, I couldn’t do this without you. All the best, HATCH